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I started using Aminolase 2 months ago, and it’s without question the most effective supplement I have ever used. I can now lift heavier weights, do more sets and even more reps per set, and still not feel tired or fatigued not to mention the amazing pump I get. Talk about turbo-charging your workouts. Aminolase is absolutely amazing and I highly recommend it.

Martin Enevoldsen. Denmark

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Aminolase TPA 90 caps

Nattovena Nattokinase Enzyme supplement addresses fibrin imbalances implicated in Cardiovascular disease, Interstitial Lung


Thank you for the fast delivery of my order. It arrived on Friday 7th February 2012. I’m already feeling the benefit.

G.J -London

Real quick ……. new order (2nd) arrived today. Thanks.

W.N – Germany

I was looking at the different products on your site, and noticed Serretia. I work out in the gym 6 days a week, already using Aminolase with great effect, and wondering if Serretia would benefit me? I have occasional inflammation of my elbow and lower arms, nothing serious. It sounds like Serretia could improve muscle recovery while also protect against inflammation? Btw, I have been using Collagen for a month now, and all I can say is wow! It works really well. Regards,

Martin Enevoldsen, Denmark

I like to order the next package of your fine products. My husband and I take 3 capsules of Neprinol and 3 capsules of Vitacel 7 per day. During the weekend we increase the dosage to 4 capsules Vitacel and like to take 4 Vitacel as daily dosage from now on. Only after 6 weeks we feel much better. We noted improved circulation, my husband especially in the legs. A feeling of wellbeing. An increased intensity of sleep. For about 12 years my husband suffered from a persistant eczema on his forehead. It nearly completely disappeared within the last few weeks. My husband is really happy with this result. I am curious to watch what will happen during the next few months. All the best.

Sabine – Germany

Your efforts to get the Syntol to me were nothing short of heroic. It’s important that other clients know that it’s not only your products that are worth touting, but your customer service as well. Dealing with the incompetence and bureaucracy of the mail here is particularly frustrating when you need a product from outside the country, and it was only your willingness to try and try again that got it to me. Your follow up, your patience, your conscientiousness and tenacity were amazing. Kudos,

Janice G (Italy)

First I must say thank you very much. Because I feel very good after I start to take your supplement Neprinol. Always I had a pain at joint of arm. Sometimes have a backache. But look at me now I can’t believe I get a painless life again like in my youth! Now I think I want to send this to my mom who living in Japan. She is suffering from knee pain. Can you send to Japan?

Tomoko Nakamura (U.K)

I have several conditions for which Neprinol may be able to help including scar tissue after (disasterous) surgery for Peyronie’s, Dupuytrens Contracture, Garrod’s Pads, Ledderhose Disease, restricted movement following a finger injury and the same for an old ankle injury. There have been some improvements on the finger and ankle injuries but I have not yet noticed anything on the other problems. However, there are three unexpected benefits which may relate to Neprinol – unplanned weight loss from waist and hips, quicker recovery from weight-lifting (I have always suffered from slow recovery), and a reduction in the amount of insulin I need (I am Type 1 Diabetic). I have taken 3 capsules 3 times a day for 3 weeks now and will keep at this level for another week – at that stage I will consider a higher dose.

Kind regards – Graham (U.K.)

Hello, I must begin with a BIG thank you for giving me my life back. I am a very busy fulltime working mum of two teenager boys who are very active in sports. I have suffered from IBS for the past 10 years and am now in control of my life instead of my condition ruling me thanks to Devacor and Syntol. I am a great believer that natural remedies are more conducive to todays conditions and life styles. I have also suffered with severe period pains which since taking the Fibrovera has rectified all my symptons and my children now live in a very happy environment.!!! To those of you who have suffered with long term health conditions DO NOT think there is not any hope, try these products that are harmless to your body and which offer a better way to resolve your problems. You can not put a price on your health, think of the monies wasted to make ourselves look presentable on the outside when really we should concerntrate on cleansing and looking after ourselves from the inside. I really do believe if you feel good from the inside this will systematically show on the outside.

Wheisha B. (U.K.)

I have been using Neprinol since 6 months to fight Peyronie’s Disease and I experienced very good results. Do you have patients struggling with the same problem? I would appreciate if you could post their success stories on your website/send them to me. Thank you.

Benedek (Hungary)

I have a fibroid tumor in my uterus, my doctor found on an ultra sound. I had a lot of pain from the pressure. Within two weeks of taking Neprinol I stopped having that painful pressure. By the end of the bottle I had virtually no pain and the fibroid was considerably smaller. I also noticed a decrease in energy, when I didn’t take my Neprinol for a few days. So there definitely is a noticeable difference.

Theresa Hooper (USA)

Thank you for sharing all that interesting information with me – it is always helpful to learn about the great benefits of these special enzymes. I am a health practitioner myself (also for more than 20 years now) and especially a practitioner of Orthomolecular Medicine. I came across Neprinol when I looked for a cure for my fibroid in 2003. At this time I had already tried some other forms of enzymes, Homeopathy and a lot of other alternative healing methods, but nothing really worked. The fibroid was pretty big – about the size of…..let’s say… orange, and – it shrinked over the time of 20 months, when I was on Neprinol 10 capsules a day, until it was completely gone! You surely can imagine how happy I was with that stunning result. Since then I stayed on a daily dose of 4 to 6 capsules, just to be on the safe side and because I feel great with it. I am now starting to put my husband on Neprinol for some time to see how it works on him, for no special reasons – just to clean and detox, which is never wrong.

Carola (Germany)

Eight weeks ago my horse Justin suffered a serious injury to the brachial plexus (affecting nerves and muscle and possible fractures) and the vet thought best to put her to sleep. However, there was a slim chance that she might become pasture sound following a period of box rest. The vet said it would take on average 7 to 8 months just to get to that stage and she would have terrible muscle wastage. In desperation I searched the net and found Neprofin. Eight weeks on my mare is pasture sound. My vet was amazed at the progress, saying she had improved in a third of the time as it would normally take. She was on bute for the first two weeks, but after dosing her with Neprofin she is off bute with no signs of discomfort. We still have a long way to go but thanks to Neprofin and other natural products I am sure she will make a full recovery.

Michele Brady (U.K.)

Just a quick note to say how fab Neprofin is – our eventer (no-one sure how, just appeared overnight after dressage lesson) had a huge cricket ball sized lump right in the hock joint. A year and 2 operations later, it was still there (fibrin was massing, vets couldn’t find reason) and it was decided to leave it and see what happened, if he went lame we would do final operation to try and resolve. In desperation I searched Fibrin on the internet and after many hours came up with Neprofin as a potential product that may help Valriaan sort himself out; and after 8 weeks of use and a final scan yesterday, it was confirmed the lump is reduced by 75% and he is 100% sound. Vets sceptical as to why, but I am utterly convinced its the Neprofin and wanted to thank you and the team. We now have a fit, focused, totally different horse who is back to eventing and jumping clear! Many thanks and keep up the good work.

Susan Young – Happy horsey mum! (U.K.)

Today I went for a sonograph examination and I have to tell you that I received some rather encouraging news. The 3 Peyronie plaques are reduced and are progressively being re-absorbed – at least that is what the person who did the sonograph examination told me. My doctor told me to continue with my current therapy and was surprised when I told him that I was having any medical therapy but taking supplements and enzymes through my own initiative. From January I will have another 2 months of Iontophoresis treatment to see if things will ultimately improve. At this point I am placing another order for Neprinol and will take into consideration your GH3 factor VitaCel 7 product.

Maurizio (Italy)

I want to let you know that since I have been taking Neprinol I have had total remission from medicine induced painful peripheral neuropathy. I had been taking Vitalzym to keep the neuropathy down but was suggested to switch to Neprinol and I am very glad that i did so. I have distinctly more energy and a true better internal feeling throughout since changing to Neprinol. This on just one large bottle Thanks for your great product.

James (USA)

I recommended Neprinol to my daughter; she noticed a significant reduction in joint pain and she doesn’t feel as stiff anymore. She currently takes six pills a day; she also noticed a huge boost in energy levels.

Diana Ruark (USA)

I’m very pleased with your professionality and kindness with each order. This time I also ordered VitaCel since reading about it I felt I should take it for some time. Last few weeks I have had very stressful period and I need some boost and revitalization. Do you have any particular suggestions about dosage since I’m taking Neprinol already. Wishing you all the best,

Tamara D. (Croatia)

We are excited about your product it has helped Bronc and me and are hoping it will help our horses as well. Thank you again and will call you tomorrow.

Patt W. (USA)

My mother had a cyst in her skull in the area responsible for hearing she took Neprinol just twice a day – one pill each time after one tub of Neprinol the cyst disappeared but I will ask for more details if you wish and will come back to you afterwards.

Benedek L. (Hungary)

Many thanks for the quick turnaround on the order and the effort made to get the order delivered as quick as possible. It is excellent customer service and I will continue to use your company without reservation. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all.

Best regards Nick W. (UK)

I was very pleased about the fast delivery and the high quality of product and it`s design. Maybe that could establish a “friendship for lifetime”! Go on this way…

Marcus E. (Germany)

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Neprinol AFD 150 caps

Neprinol Advanced Fibrin Defence is a simple, yet powerful and effective blood cleanse. The enzymes in Neprinol digest harmful irritants