It’s that time of the year again where families and friends come together and celebrate! The festive season is upon us and there’s a busy period ahead of us. You’ll most likely be spending all your time at family reunions or gatherings, end of year functions, and Christmas dinners.

christmas dinner, festive season, christmas detoxIt’s a joyous and exciting time of year but can also be quite stressful. It’s also natural to let go when December comes around. You’ve braved the better part of a year trying to live as healthily as possible and now it’s time to eat and drink whatever you please. It’s a time of indulgence.

We also tend to sleep less and do as little exercise as possible. Along with a detox whenever necessary, the key to staying healthy over the festive season is to be mindful of your alcohol intake, overeating and inactivity.

Find out more in our guide below.

Avoid too much alcohol

If you indulge in alcoholic drinks, the chances are that over the festive season, you’ll be drinking much more than usual, especially if you’re taking leave.

As many of you would know, alcohol is high in calories. Excessive intake can also damage your liver, leading to an increase in fat within your liver cells. Further to this, it can also have negative impacts on your brain, heart health and of course, body weight. For all possible effects read this.

The solution?

Besides not drinking at all, try, at the very least to drink in moderation.  Instead of a double, have a single. Instead of full-strength drinks, opt for light drinks like light wines and light beers.

An effective way of moderating your alcohol intake is for every beverage you have, drink a glass of water in between as this will keep you hydrated and essentially slow down your alcoholic consumption, which gives your liver more time to process it.

Avoid overeating

The festive season and delicious food go together like bread and butter or ice-cream and chocolate sauce, quite literally.

Let’s be honest, we all tend to overindulge over this period. How could one possibly resist freshly baked bread, roast potatoes, dumplings or even cauliflower & cheese sauce? All these delicious delicacies that basically define Christmas are somewhat irresistible, but again, if you’re eager to keep in shape, try to consume this type of food in moderation.

If you keep this level of eating to a few days across December and January, you won’t pick up all that usual excess weight. The problems arise when you eat like this consecutively for weeks. Overindulgence for an extended period is what packs on the pounds, so why not detox by taking “break days”?

Try to remain active

As challenging as it may seem, if you find yourself overindulging quite regularly, then try to counter it by fitting in some exercise.

Even if it’s a daily walk through the countryside or around the city, by remaining active, you’ll give your body less of a shock and decrease the potential of expanding your waistline or losing the fitness you’ve built up throughout the year. By going for regular walks or runs, you’ll also counter some of the stress and anxiety that can be felt during this time of year.

Another effective tip here is to avoid sitting for too long. When the family is around, and your belly is full of that festive goodness, it’s easy to sit for hours on end without moving much. Try to be conscientious of this and get up every half hour and walk around.

The main issue is the combination of repeated decadence and inactivity. Try to maintain a balance between overindulgence and being overly strict on yourself. After all, you do deserve to let go occasionally.


Counteract overabundance with supplements

Realistically, you’ll overindulge quite a bit over the holidays, and so, in an attempt to neutralize the effects of alcohol, stress and overeating, we recommend the following two supplements for when you’re wanting to detox:


Devigest has the ability to reduce food irritations and sensitivities, gluten and lactose intolerance, as well as reduce the occasional gas, bloating and acidity caused by overeating. It’s essentially a detox supplement – great for when you want to rid your body of toxic or unhealthy substances.

It may also help with heartburn, constipation and excess acidity. These are common bodily reactions to some of the overindulgence that takes place during this time of year.

In addition, it’s a 100% natural product used to replace or augment food factors that are usually absent from our diets over December and January.

devigest, digestion, bloating, detoxNeprinol

Also an effective detox supplement, Neprinol Advanced Fibrin Defence is a simple, yet powerful and effective blood cleanse. The enzymes in Neprinol digest harmful irritants in the blood which can make you feel sluggish, tired and sore.

It also strengthens the immune system and breaks down damaging proteins, lowers cholesterol and aids in poor blood circulation.

So there you have it, our wellness guide for the festive season. In summary, try to be mindful throughout, but don’t forget to have fun, and if you have a little too much fun, be sure to counter it with supplements and exercise.