Neprofin AVF 500 grams

Neprofin AVF 500 grams


Neprofin veterinary formula is a powerful blend of enzymes and antioxidants for the alleviation of pain in pets and performance horses. Effective alternative to Bute, Relieves inflammation, Pain, Muscle soreness, Accelerates healing and Tissue repair.




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Neprofin AVF is a blend of powerful systemic enzymes, antioxidants and bioflavonoids specially formulated to help facilitate movement as well as tissue and muscle healing.


  • Helps to relieve inflammation, muscle pain and soreness

  • Effective for sprains, fractures, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis

  • Helps in faster tissue repair while preventing exude formation (fluid in the injured area)

  • No side effects or allergic reactions observed

  • Long acting and can be adopted as a replacement therapy in pathological conditions

  • Enhances penetration of antibiotics

  • Works continuosly throughout the various pH variations of the digestive tract

  • Intensifies absorption of released amino acids

  • Shown to emulsify cholesterol and fibrin

  • Promotes healthy muscle tissue and connective fibre

  • Boosts energy levels, alertness and concentration

  • Promotes lean body mass and aids with protein utilization

  • Supplements enzymes that block the release of pain inducing amines from inflammed tissue

  • Thins mucus secreted by the mucus membranes

  • Reduces systemic fibrin concentrations with a potent fibrinolytic activity

  • Suitable for any pet suffering from joint pain, injuries or arthritis


Although Neprofin AVF was developed from a growing demand for the alleviation of pain in athletic and performance animals, it can safely be used for any pet joint pain, injuries and conditions such as arthritis. Neprofin AVF is a potent enzyme blend that helps speed the healing process by modulating the inflammatory response and blocking pain. It has been clinically proven to be safe and effective for vetinary applications.

This new treatment offers an alternative remedy for equine injuries previously treated with Phenylbutazone (Bute). Neprofin was specifically developed to alleviate inflammation, pain and muscle soreness. Neprofin works on the same scientific principle as Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory drugs (NSAID’s) and Bute. Bute is one of the most common pain relievers administered to horses. However, it has been observed to be very destructive to the liver and kidneys as well as having a negative influence on white blood cell counts. Gastrointestinal problems, ulcers and aplastic anemia are also quite common with continued use of the drug. Unlike Bute, Neprofin does not block Cox Enzymes to suppress inflammation, but rather digests the pro-inflammatory prostaglandins responsible for causing inflammation. Neprofin is safe and can be used without the supervision of a licensed veterinarian.

neprofin horse racing imageHow Neprofin AVF works:

Neprofin AVF takes an entirely different path in the healing process by alleviating joint inflammation altogether. Glucosamine HCL and Chondroitin are limited to joint pain and flexibility in function. In fact, this is just the begining for Neprofin. Neprofin has been shown to significantly improve tendonitis, muscle tears, arthritis, bowed tendon, colic, foot injuries, bruises, fractures, sublaxations, lacerations, open wounds, lameness, laminitis and navicular syndrome.

Neprofin is a non-animal sourced multi-enzyme blend containing a combination of powerful enzymes, proteases and bioflavonoids to facilitate movement as well as muscle and tissue healing. A special blend of fungal Protease, Bromelain and Papain are combined with Peptizyme SP, a powerful peptidase derived from Serratia spp. T1. This peptidase enzyme is used worldwide for its anti-inflammtory properties. The formula also contains doses of Amylase and Lipase as well as a natural Indian Gooseberry formula called Amla. This unique berry provides synergistic support to the enzyme blend. Neprofin also contains Rutin an important bioflavonoid that may help repair damaged tissue. Neprofin AVF is an excellent choice from joint pain, inflammtion and ideal in decreasing injury recovery time.

Neprofin clinical studies:

A trial study was conducted with Neprofin on six horses suffering from non-specific lameness. The result of the study indicated that 5 of the 6 horses showed complete recovery, while the one horse that did not respond was later found to suffer from ligament tears that would require surgery to completely heal.

A second study was conducted using 18 buffalo calves. Each calf was subject to deep aseptic lacerations of the left flank. Each wound was dressed with antibiotic Himax ointment. Calves were divided into 3 groups of 6. Group 1 was given Neprofin; Group 2 was given traditional antibiotics; and Group 3 was given antibiotics and anti-inflammatories. Of the 18 calves – the 6 that were administered Neprofin, showed the shorted post surgical recovery times, far less swelling around the wound and far less visible infection.

Breeding applications:

Certain PID (pelvic inflammatory disease) in female horses can lead to the formation of fibroids which may impact fertility. Administration of Neprofin can reduce the instance of PID and in some cases reduce formation of fibroids and improve fertility in humans. Other applications have bee used to retore male erection shape and reduce testicular inflammation.


Neprofin AVF Testimonial Review:

Eight weeks ago my horse Justin suffered a serious injury to the brachial plexus (affecting nerves and muscle and possible fractures) and the vet thought best to put her to sleep.  However, there was a slim chance that she might become pasture sound following a period of box rest.  The vest said that it would take on average 7 to 8 months just to get to that stage and she would have terrible muscle wastage.  In desperation I searched the net and found Neprofin.

Eight weeks on my mare is pasture sound.  My vet was amazed at the progress, saying she had improved in a third of the time as it would normally take.  She was on Bute for the first two weeks, but after dosing her with Neprofin she is off Bute with no signs of discomfort.  We still have a long way to go but thanks to Neprofin and other natural products I am sure she will make a full recovery.

Michele Brady  (U.K.) ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Neprofin AVF Testimonial Review:
 Just a quick note to say how fab Neprofin is  –  our eventer (no-one sure how, just appeared overnight after dressage lesson) had a huge cricket ball sized lump right in the hock joint.  A year and 2 operations later, it was still there (fibrin was massing, vets couldn’t find reason) and it was decided to leave it and see what happened, if he went lame we would do final operation to try and resolve. In desperation I searched Fibrin on the internet and after many hours came up with Neprofin as a potential product that may help Valriaan sort himself out; and after 8 weeks of use and a final scan yesterday, it was confirmed the lump is reduced by 75% and he is 100% sound.  Vets sceptical as to why, but I am utterly convinced its the Neprofin and wanted to thank you and the team.  We now have a fit, focused, totally different horse who is back to eventing and jumping clear! S. Young – Happy horsey mum!  (U.K.) ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________



Optimum dosage of Neprofin AVF must be determined by the individual animal’s needs. For injured or lame horses, mix 3 scoops (9 grams) of Nerpofin AVF into the horse’s moist or dry food, 3 times per day. After symptoms have dissipated over the course of a several weeks, use the indicated maintenance dosage – (1 scoop (3 grams) 3 times a day. This will ensure a consistent reduction in pain and inflammatory response, while decreasing the time it takes to recover from injury.


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Neprofin AVF 500 grams Enzyme Supplement is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease.