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  • woman holding stomach due to indigestion

    Everything You Need to Know About Indigestion

    Have you ever felt that discomfort in your upper abdomen after one too many drinks, or after a “cheat day” where you may have overindulged in too many fatty foods and sweets? Well, this unpleasant sensation is known as indigestion and it can be experienced by most anyone. According to studies by Buba, indigestion affects …

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  • Digestive Enzyme Supplements Explained

    Understanding enzymes and the role they play in the human body can be quite difficult, especially when all the information available out there is communicated from a scientific perspective. We’ve attempted to take the crucial information on this subject and put it into layman’s terms. When it comes to enzyme supplements, how close are they …

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  • Detoxing enzymes

    What Are Enzymes?

    Digestive enzymes or enzyme supplements are the capsule form of natural enzymes. Your body produces and uses thousands of enzymes on a daily basis. Enzymes are quite spectacular, an imperative part of the human system. They work as follows: Enzymes explained: Cells, the basic chemical parts that make us what we are wholly reliant on …

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  • How to Maintain a Healthy Digestive System

    70% of our immune system resides within our digestive tract, also known as our gut wall.  The process of digestion turns the food we eat into tiny water-soluble molecules so that the watery blood plasma can absorb said molecules, in turn, providing us with the necessary nutrients that nourish and energise the body.  So, it’s …

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  • Neprinol AFD and lung disease

    With Neprinol AFD there is new hope for pulmonary fibrosis and interstitial lung diseases sufferers.  A new fibrinolytic enzyme product dissolves scar tissue in the same manner as our digestive enzymes dissolves our food.   There are more than 100 different diseases that are caused by the buildup of scar tissue in the lungs. Of …

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